• Memorial Day Poem by Cindy J. Smith

    MEMORIAL DAY Time to give our thanks To all the young ones Who went through the ranks Their lives on the line For freedom and right Love of family Gave strength in the night Some made it back home Some paid the […]

    • AIVMI’s Exhibit at the Education Center

      Washington, DC, near the Lincoln Memorial, exterior design and site  The Education Center at the Wall, which will include the American Indian Veterans Memorial Exhibit, millions of people who will visit each year will learn about the values of Courage, Loyalty, Service, Integrity, […]

      • Native American Code Talkers

        Choctaw soldiers in training in World War I for coded radio and telephone transmissions Code talkers are people in the 20th century who used obscure languages as a means of secret communication during wartime. The term is now usually associated with the United […]

        • Native Americans and WWII

          Navajo code talkers during the Battle of Saipan in 1944. At one time or another during the war, about 25,000 Native Americans from reservations were in uniform – 21,217 in the Army, 1910 in the Navy, 874 in the Marine Corps and […]

          • What is a Native American?

            What is a Native American? Photo: colorostariu.wordpress.com Native Americans are indigenous within the boundaries of the present-day United States (including the indigenous peoples of Alaska and Hawaii) and are composed of numerous, distinct tribes, bands and ethnic groups, many of which survive as […]