• US ARMY’s Eyes and Ears – The Apache

    Apache Scouts were Eyes and Ear of US ARMY  The Apache Scouts were part of the United States Army Indian Scouts, most of their service was during the Apache Wars up to 1886 though the last scout retired in 1947. The Apache […]

    • World War II Native American

      Dan Waupoose, a Menominee chief, training at Algiers, Louisiana, on August 24, 1943.  As many as 25,000 Native Americans actively fought in World War II: 21,767 in the Army, 1,910 in the Navy, 874 in the Marines, 121 in the Coast Guard, […]

      • Pre-European North American Natives

          Native American History Formative Period Beginning around 4,000 – 5,000 years ago new features of subsistence, technology, and society began to appear at somewhat different times in different parts of North America. Settlements became larger, and there were more of them. […]

        • Hero Dog named after Scuggs

          Hero Dogs and Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund announce arrival of newest service dog candidate Brookeville, Maryland) – Hero Dogs and Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) announce the arrival of “Scruggs” – Hero Dogs’ newest service dog candidate. Scruggs is a nine-week-old Labrador […]