Education Center Exterior ViewEducation site

Washington, DC, near the Lincoln Memorial, exterior design and site 

The Education Center at the Wall, which will include the American Indian Veterans Memorial Exhibit, millions of people who will visit each year will learn about the values of Courage, Loyalty, Service, Integrity, and Honor that are unique to our American warriors, but will permeate the lives of those who have served.

Within the center, in the AIVMI exhibit, visitors will learn the contribution of American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Pacific Island Veterans who have served their country honorably.  The exhibit will give them their due recognition they deserve for serving in current and past wars.

It is now that the opportunity has arisen. Everything has been put in place: Congress has approved the project; the land has been set aside; and Americans are waiting.

There is only one step left slowing down the ground breaking and that is money. That is where you come in: Donate: or go to and please donate in AIVMI’s name.