Family at Grave

My Dad was a Veteran of World War II and returned home with what we now know as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD. But, he did come home and taught me how to go hunting, fishing, farming, and drinking. Excessive drinking was an affliction of his military experience.

All he taught me helped me survive my Vietnam War experience to the point that if I go into a restaurant/bar, heading for the bathroom, I return to the bar and buy a drink, leaving the bartender a tip for which he works. Hunting et al taught me how to survive in hostile situations and return home to be a dad.

As in every war situation, many will spend Father’s Day without Daddy.  Their Daddies will not return, because they gave their lives for the principles we live by in the Free World; and they stood up against the evil forces of this world.

Americans will celebrate Father’s Day this coming Sunday. Kiss and hug your father, because you are one of the lucky ones. He is there to be hugged and kissed.

Say a prayer for those children whose fathers will not be there to help them through life’s unkind situations, because their Daddies honored us by giving their lives, keeping us safe to celebrate Father’s Day with our Dads.  


Roy Murry, AIVMI’s Social Media Director

Vietnam Veteran