Parade Native Americans

Considering American Indian and Alaska Native Veterans have served in every branch of the U.S. Military for well over the past 200 years, It goes without saying that their efforts and histories of distinguished services should be recognized.

In addition to any recognition, while studying the facts surrounding Native Veterans through such reports as released by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) or the historical accounts of War Department officials, you will discover some interesting facts about Native Veterans outside the fact that American Indians serve at a high rate and have a higher concentration of female servicemembers.

Here are 5 interesting and surprising facts we found:


#1 They had an active role in the Civil War

#2 There were Two Civil War Generals of Distinction

#3 12,000 Native Americans volunteered for World War I

#4 Native Women Doing Their Part in World I

#5 Native American could have avoided World War II draft

For complete list of 10 with story by Vincent Schilling: