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Greetings Native Veterans and Friends,

Welcome to our AIVMI website. 

We have been working on our Website for a while.  We are finally up, running, and providing content about the history of Native Americans, Alaskan Natives, and others who are Veterans, by promoting the exhibit American Indian Veteran Memorial, Inc., which is part of the project The Education Center at The Wall, Washington, DC.

Please help me in welcoming AIVMI’s Social Media Director, Roy Murry.  Roy is a Green Beret, Vietnam Veteran. With Roy’s help, we have been able to reach many more friends and supporters than we thought we could through Social Media.

 As you read our Website you will see the work Elizabeth, my wife, and I have put in for American Indian Veteran Memorial’s project: 

 In April of 2011, we set out to our first National Indian Conference, the National Congress of American Indians in Milwaukee, WI. It was the first time we presented our project for a Statue to recognize the contribution of American Indian, Alaskan Native, and Pacific Islander Veterans, who fought for the United States of America during times of conflict and war. 

 Initially we granted a Resolution from our own Seminole Tribal Council.  Soon after, we received another Resolution of Support from the United South and Eastern Tribes, USET. 

 We continued onto meetings With National Congress of American Indians, Alaskan Federation of Natives, National Indian Health Board, and National Indian Gaming Association.  After crisscrossing the Country for two years, in December of 2013 the United States Congress approved the Native American Veterans Memorial Amendments Act of 2013. 

We were happy for National Museum of the American Indian as their Museum was selected for the site of the Native American Veteran Memorial statue.

 We are now embarked on another Great Adventure: 

 On November 17, 2003, President George W. Bush signed Public Law 108-126 authorizing the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) to build the Education Center at the Wall. Over the next several years, VVMF and the National Park Service selected the Site for the Education Center which was approved by the US Congress. 

Situated in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial and adjacent to the Vietnam Veterans memorial (The Wall), the Education Center will join these two most visited attractions on the National Mall where millions come each year to learn, to remember and pay their respects.

The American Indian Veteran Memorial, Inc. is committed to raising 10 Million Dollars to insure an American Indian/Alaskan Native and Pacific Islander presence in an Exhibit dedicated to educating the public of the service, contribution and sacrifice we gave to the United States in time of War.

 We hope you go to our Donation page in order for you to make a direct donation to VVMF using our Website.  Please continue to visit  for continuous updates on our activities and fundraising. 

Thank you for your time,

David Stephen Bowers, President, AIVMI